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Multimedia, Amplification, Speaker switching, Graphical interface

Klipsch Group collaborated with Audio Authority’s Ascentic team to design, produce and deploy 400 speaker displays in BestBuy stores. Ascentic designers presented the high quality video and audio material provided by Klipsch in a slick, intuitive graphical interface. The 15 inch touchscreen invites shoppers to select speaker packages and play movie trailers, music tracks, or informative videos about the products. The experience is driven by an Ascentic MediaHub with BrightSign Built-In. A powerful 5-channel amplifier drives the speakers, which are switched by an audio module designed and built by Ascentic for the purpose. All the other electronics elements were sourced by Ascentic and shipped out to each store location to coincide with store openings.

The Challenge

Amplification and switching for multiple speaker configurations adapted to a retail gondola instead of a listening room. Create an engaging experience that invites the customer to interact while keeping the focus on the speakers, not the media or the interface.

The Process

Klipsch provided images and media tracks including custom product videos, movie trailers, and music videos. Audio Authority produced several prototypes for the interface. Klipsch entrusted the selection and sourcing of the five channel amplifier to Ascentic. We integrated the amp into the system using a custom switch module and demo controller that replicates two channel, three channel, and five channel sound, with or without subwoofers. Modified versions of the display were later deployed in Canada and Australia.

The Experience

The customer is drawn to the bright, 15 inch touchscreen offering a clear choice of speaker configurations along the bottom, and choices for demo material along the top. The volume slider is always visible along the side. Touch anything to begin. If the user does not make a speaker choice, it defaults to the 5.1 configuration, which lights up. All speakers remain visible, while the video plays in the upper right corner. A back button reveals more media choices.

Klipsch display configuration in Canada.
Klipsch interface on the standard 15.6 inch touchscreen with custom steel enclosure.
Klipsch loudspeakers, the original gondola configuration.

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