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Ascentic Engineering is always creating new tech tailored to your specific requirements, but we do save the most useful designs for future projects. The Ascentic tool box lets you take advantage of proven solutions when your spec fits things we’ve already perfected, saving you time and money. Browse the tool box below, and keep in mind that we have many other pre-engineered devices not shown here, so ask us if we have one that fits your specific needs.



More than a player, a MediaHub is a smart device that not only plays premium video and/or audio, it can be programmed to orchestrate a fully interactive experience including many forms of user controls, and even lighting effects. Most of our MediaHubs have BrightSign Built-In, leveraging the power of BrightAuthor and the legendary video and audio quality of BrightSign. This group of products also includes more traditional audio players, but these are also optimized for interactivity, and hardened for use in retail spaces. 

  • AudioHub: AH1
  • Modular AudioHub: AH4
  • Multipurpose MediaHub: MH3-4K
  • Legacy MediaHub: MH2-4K
  • Multi-AV MediaHub: MH10-HD
  • Multi-audio 4K MediaHub: MH10-ARC

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User Interfaces

Ascentic products are designed for push-button operation, or any other interface including touchless sensors, touch screens, touch panels, and serial commands from a variety of third party devices. Browse our catalog of interfaces, and ask about other sizes and styles that may be available.

  • Buttons: 013-100, 013-101, 013-102
  • Button Expanders: 1818, 1820, 1822, 1823
  • Touchless Sensors: PX-100, PX-101, GX-100, HX-050, HX-100, HX-200
  • Touch Panels: TS04, TS09, TS22, TS04-USB, TS09-USB, TS22-USB
  • Touch Screens

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Speaker Switchers and Amplifiers
Innovative audio switching launched our engineering enterprise back in 1976. Much has changed since then, and we’re still on the cutting edge, from optical to high-level speaker switching and HDMI Audio Return Channel. Even if we don’t make the specific device you need, you can rely on us to specify and/or source the right device for your application. 

  • Advanced audio MediaHub: MH10-HD, 
  • Multi-audio MediaHub: MH6-HD
  • Digital Audio Switchers: AS8, AS8-IP
  • Speaker Switchers: HLS-71, HLS-71-IP
  • Compact amplifier: 1805

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Headphone Switchers

Modern consumer headphones have advanced in the past decade. Many of today’s headphones can only be demonstrated effectively with a powerful headphone amplifier, so we have made a science of perfecting the right amplification levels and honing the frequency response to show off headphones for serious shoppers. We offer headphone demonstrators that accept digital and/or analog audio, have auxiliary inputs for customer’s music players, and most can be chained together to expand the capacity of a display. 

  • AudioHub: AH1
  • Modular AudioHub: AH4
  • Digital Audio Switchers: AS8, AS8-IP


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Lighting Effects

LED lighting has become common in retail shelf-top displays, as well as other areas like museums and education. When used correctly, it draws attention and enhances product appearance. We add interactivity to the experience, coordinating the light behaviors with audio, video, and user interaction. Use your imagination and our LED Lighting Effects modules to get attention, and get your message across.

  • 12V LED controller: LM8-12
  • 24V LED controller: LM8-24

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System Control

Electronics are useful for more than demonstrating speakers and headphones. From lighting controls to system health and power monitoring, we have expertise in managing electronic systems in many types of retail and other business environments. 

  • Mini system controller gateway: SIG-0
  • Advanced system controller gateway: SIG-1

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BrightSign Accessories

Many of our devices integrate with BrightSign, or have a BrightSign engine Built-In. We build adapters, converters, controllers, buttons, sensors, and harnesses for use with BrightSign, as well as software and firmware that is BrightSign compatible. As an official BrightSign Technology partner, and BrightSign Built-In partner, we program, pre-connect and package BrightSign players in custom workboard systems, ready to install.

  • MediaHubs
  • Buttons and button expansion modules
  • Sensors and sensor hubs
  • Touch panels
  • Workboards and custom harnesses
  • BrightAuthor and HTML5 programming
  • Switchers, amplifiers, and distribution amps

BrightSign Built-In Products

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