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Covid-19 arrived just as Klipsch was finalizing their new Atmos theater speaker demo concept. They decided to replace the push-buttons in their new display with AirSelect sensors to make it a touchless experience. With a quick change of signage, they succeeded in making a healthy brand statement as well.

The Challenge

Design a home theater demo and switch from traditional push-buttons to sensors mid-stream in the design process. The all-new sensor design drops into the same 19mm footprint and performs the same function, but without touch.

The Process

Ascentic had just completed the electronics for two speaker displays for Klipsch in 2020 when they heard about Ascentic’s new touchless controls. They made the choice to incorporate them into the new display set to roll out nationwide in 2021.

The Experience

The signage features “TOUCHLESS” in large letters, both educating the shopper on how to operate the display, and making a statement about the company’s concern for customer safety. Customers see the hand shape on the familiar stainless steel “buttons” prompting them to wave a hand in front of each sensor to play, pause, skip, or adjust volume. The sensors blink bright white LEDs, confirming the user’s actions.

The hand symbol on each sensor reinforces the touchless message and makes the interface more intuitive. LEDs confirm the user’s actions.

The touchless sensor activates commands like play and volume controls.

The fixture brings attention to the simple touchless controls.

Klipsch graphical user interface, third generation.

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