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The Tools and Tech to Rise Above

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Ascentic Retail Engineering is the new brand from Audio Authority® providing design and manufacturing services for the retail electronics industry, and other markets requiring interactive controls.

Ascentic is all about rising above the market noise and competition by creating compelling product experiences.

If that is a goal we share, you’ve come to the right place.

The Ascentic

From creative problem solving to sourcing components, and from the manufacturing process to final deployment and support – our people are the difference. Their skill, dedication, and experience propel our customers to excellence. Accountability for our projects is centered right here in Lexington, Kentucky where our engineering, sales, purchasing, manufacturing and support teams work side by side, not spread out across the planet.
End-to-End Project Management
We take care of the details of interactive design, sourcing, testing, and logistics so you can focus on what you do best.
Our Goal is to Elevate Your Brand
We leverage technology to propel your brand up above the market noise, to get noticed, immerse consumers in your product experience and gain market share.
USA Operations with Worldwide Reach
We source critical technology from all over the world, but control and accountability for your project are centered right here on our 4.5-acre manufacturing campus in Central Kentucky.
Proven Partner
Since 1976, our track record working alongside retailers, brands, fixture designers, and store planners has established our reputation for product excellence, reliable service and responsive communication.
Punching Above Our Weight
We’re an agile company that can respond quickly to projects of all sizes and yet manage the logistics of nationwide rollouts. Our purpose-built factory in Lexington has the space, equipment, and warehousing to accommodate projects of all sizes and complexity.

Our Portfolio

Most people use our products in retail store fixtures but rarely think about the technology behind the wood, metal and glass of the fixture itself. Ascentic Engineers weave together audio and video, software, lighting, sensors, data collection and automation into an experience which sparks interest, engages customers, and increases sales.

Polk display and screen

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Why Did This Major Brand CE Manufacturer Choose AirSelect?

They searched for alternatives, and found that the AirSelect PX-100 is the best sensor for interactive demonstrations. You’ll see the results in Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target stores across the USA. We’re proud of the job Ascentic Engineers and manufacturing teams have done, bringing interaction back into retail stores, safely.

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Retail Engineering, Our Process

How do we consistently apply innovative tech to our customers’ needs to propel them above the noise of the competition? There is no secret sauce – only hard work, careful listening, brilliant teams of dedicated people, and a solid commitment to excellence.

  • We start by forming a team, centered on you, that includes our own product specialists, engineers, creative team, and project managers.
  • We add other partners such as fixture houses, ad agencies, media providers, or data analysts.
  • Together we define your objectives, create a concept, trade ideas, brainstorm, prototype and refine until we define the unique experience that fulfills your objectives.
  • Our innovative “skunkworks” deploys the latest interactive and data flow technologies.
  • From proof-of-concept to prototyping, we deliver fast results, including 3D parts printed in-house.
  • Functionality and field testing ensure that your experience will be exactly what you asked for.
  • Special packaging and installation-ready features reduce your installation time and labor.
  • Our team reviews the design, budget and schedule with you before project approval.
  • Our factory is centrally located, here in Lexington, Kentucky, for easy shipping to any location in North America.
  • Printed circuit boards are designed and assembled here in our facility.
  • Mechanical assembly and custom wire harnesses are a specialty.
  • Quality control systems and consistent testing at each stage of manufacturing.
  • Detailed packaging and shipping to your warehouse or individual locations.
  • We can handle fulfillment and logistics, and coordinate deployment.
  • From deployment details to installation documentation, we provide clear instructions at each step of the process.
  • We publish our own detailed and illustrated support documentation in plain English – or other languages on request!
  • Lost the manual? Scan the QR code to see the latest documentation online.
  • Our personalized phone support is legendary – no endless phone menus or call centers.
  • Call for help with setup, adjustments, repairs, or replacement parts – you’ll get the answers you need.

1980 Showroom, Powered By The Model 310.

Our Story Began in

Our Story Began in 1976

…with a vision to empower consumers to make better, more informed decisions when shopping for home audio products. From our inception we focused on the customer experience. Quality of the demonstration, valid product comparisons, and the benefits of future ownership set us apart.

That passion for excellence has continued and grown over the decades into a comprehensive offering of products and services for the retail consumer electronics industry. Those technologies now go far beyond just audio to immersive experiences with multimedia, intuitive graphical user interfaces, touchless interactivity, digital signage, sensors, data acquisition and analytics.

Our Brand Family

Ascentic is one of three brands under the Audio Authority umbrella, which also includes Audio Authority intercom systems for banks and pharmacies, and Enhanced Flight brand aviation products. All of our work benefits from the fact that our engineering, manufacturing, and support teams work side-by-side on our Lexington, Kentucky campus.

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