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Video, Audio switching, Amplification,
Push-button and Touchscreen interface

Six separate audio vignettes ranging from complex surround sound to simple portable and in-wall speakers.

The Challenge

Demonstrate a variety of products in a clear series of presentations, each with a different interface appropriate to the type of product on display. Make the presentation simple, but provide ways to dig deeper as interest increases.

The Process

Design custom audio switching and user interface options for four vignettes. The surround sound theater speakers required an embedded five channel amplifier to demonstrate the speakers at their best. Custom wiring harness, instructions, labeling, and switching devices.

The Experience

Two freestanding fixtures near the aisle present sound bars, architectural speakers and personal audio, while more involved product presentations of home theater and in-wall speakers are positioned within a few steps. Touchscreens with colorful, brand specific graphics invite the shopper to explore each vignette. Choose music or video, audition speakers in various configurations, and drill down to see more detail about each product on the screen.

Touchscreens are mounted on pedestals in front of the wall-mounted vignettes.
The touchscreen graphical user interface offers mix and mach style selection.
The user can drill down for more product images and information.
Home Theater speakers with touchscreen user interface.
In-wall and architectural speakers.
Multiple vignettes and selling stations each with its unique user interface.
Simple sound bar and rear speaker display with subwoofers operated by push-buttons.
Bookshelf and architectural speakers are demonstrated using push-buttons.

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