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I am Jonathan Sisk, the founder, Chairman and CEO of Audio Authority Corporation, and I welcome the opportunity to tell you more about what I believe and how it has shaped our corporate culture since 1976. You may be wondering:

  • Why display overtly Christian symbols on a business website?
  • Are you trying to exclude non-Christians?
  • Might some be offended by reference to the Scriptures and the Cross of Christ?

    Well, I appreciate your curiosity and will try to answer your questions.

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    Let’s start with answers to
    some of those questions.

    Q. Why display overtly Christian symbols on a business website?


    We live in a world of rapid-fire messages, symbols, brands, logos, causes and concerns. People use every means to speak out, advocate, and stake out their ground for what they feel strongly about. That’s great and what a free society is all about. The Cross & Bible icon simply lets others know that my Christian faith holds a special place of importance in this business. And obviously, since you are reading this, it provides a means for others to better understand what informs our ethics, priorities, decisions, and goals. I think most people appreciate some insight into who they are doing business with, even if they don’t completely share the same perspective.

    Q: What difference does faith make in business?


    It provides the moral framework for everything we do. For example:
    It compels us to offer our best in services and products.
    It makes stewardship the metric for how we treat others and accountable to God for what he has entrusted to our use and care.
    It demands that we be competitive in the marketplace for the benefit of our customers, employees, and the larger community.
    It demands that our wages and benefits reflect an equitable compensation for each employee, not just the least they will tolerate, and that we freely recognize their contributions.
    It compels us to resolve disputes with just consideration for the perspective of others.
    It drives us to make a fair profit and a return on investment, and then to share it with our employees, those in need, ministries, and those who work in the culture to defend and advance our values.

    Q: Are you trying to exclude non-Christians?

    Certainly not. I (and Audio Authority) respect each individual’s rights of conscience and expression. By making my faith known, I do not compel others to conform or agree. I simply give witness to what God has done for me. Our company welcomes every opportunity to develop mutually respectful business relationships with people of goodwill from all faiths, or no faith.

    Q: Might some be offended by reference to the Scriptures and the Cross of Christ?


    I hope not, but yes it is possible. While I view the Word of God as good news, its transcendent truth establishes the basis for objective right and wrong. It leaves little room for individual rationalization or relativism. So the Cross & Bible can be convicting and even offensive to some. The right of others to disagree, object, or even take offense is in balance with and just as important as my right of expression. My witness of God’s faithful grace, mercy, and guidance in my life is also more important than any potential loss of approval, favor, or even commerce from others.

    Q: Are all of your employees Christian?

    I really don’t know, but I assume not. Audio Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer and has a diverse workforce. We look for talented, self-motivated, competent people who enjoy their work and want to help us accomplish our business objectives. Their individual worldview and faith are not questioned and are not a basis for hiring decisions, advancement, or discipline. However, our employees know from our handbook that the Holy Scriptures and Judeo-Christian values are our basis for our business ethics. They know from the outset that we have high character expectations of our associates and ethical behavior. We look for the best-qualified and capable applicants that will have the most positive impact on others.

    If you would like to know more about Christianity and my personal beliefs, I would be glad to share more on that as well.

    Questions for Jon?

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