custom retail displays

The average person has less than an 8-second attention span. Because of this, you’ll need to find a way to capture your customers’ attention before they wander away from the merchandise you want to sell.

One way to boost your in-store marketing is to include retail displays. Why should you use these types of displays, though?

Keep reading to learn what custom retail displays are and what types of styles you can get. Afterward, explore the various benefits that will make you wonder why you haven’t invested in these displays yet.

What Are Retail Display Stands and Fixtures?

Detail display stands and fixtures are displays meant to promote and house your store’s products. They also help you optimize your business’ in-store marketing with visual merchandising.

Retail display materials will usually include metal, acrylic, or glass, which provides a durable, yet appealing way to display merchandise.

Some ways that a good retail display can enhance your marketing include:

  • Allows you to display more items
  • Customize your displays to match your brand’s style
  • Creates a more visually-appealing atmosphere
  • Segments your items into different categories
  • Helps you declutter shelves, which makes items easier to find and more likely to end up in a cart

You will need to pay attention to your customers’ behavior when using these displays. As some displays can discourage them from buying specific items.

Retail Display Designs

There are varying types of retail fixtures that you can order for your store. Some of the most common types that you’ll find include:

Metal racks and shelving give you a great way to display items like clothing without taking up too much space. They’re also durable and can withstand a lot of items without collapsing due to their materials.

Jewelry cases protect your store’s jewelry pieces from theft while giving you various ways to present your items. These cases will often come with built-in lighting so customers can see the glimmers of your accessories.

If you need items to further enhance your jewelry cases, you can also order metal or acrylic trays and risers. These items can elevate your smaller items to eye level, which makes them more likely to catch a customer’s attention.

Or, you can opt for mannequins. They offer a way to display particular accessories like necklaces or bracelets.

Otherwise, you can use metal countertop displays. You can place them in areas with high traffic and install signage that urges your customers to buy an item or informs them of discounts.

Benefits of Using Displays for Retail Stores

Marketing with displays offers shop owners a new way to reach customers, which is essential to stand out among competitors. Throughout this section, you will learn what ways these signs can take your in-store marketing to the next level.

Creates a Better Atmosphere for the Customer

Almost all shoppers want to shop in an aesthetically-pleasing store. The best way to achieve this is to install displays that invoke emotions through eye-catching visuals. Retail displays also make it easier for customers to find products in your store.

Whether the displays bring your items down to eye level, or if they have spacing to make certain items prevalent over others, these upgrades can also lead to happy customers.

When adding your brand aesthetic combined with products that you display neatly, you can better retain shoppers, which could lead to them making more purchases.

Helps You Target Impulsive Shoppers

On average, Americans will spend around $5,400 a year on impulse purchases. Because of this, impulse purchases make up a good portion of a store’s revenue.

An impulse buy is when customers will make purchases without any prior planning. Thus, this means that people will make emotional purchasing decisions instead of using logic.

Many retail stores will place custom displays in high-traffic areas, or in areas where customers will need to wait. A great example of custom displays is the shelves by cash registers. Businesses stock these shelves with small and inexpensive items that will make people feel tempted.

Usually, these temptations will result in the person buying the item since they don’t cost much. You can do the same with your store by strategically placing these fixtures throughout your store.

An Affordable Way to Enhance Your Business

Manufacturers design these displays so retailers can easily install them, which means that you won’t need to waste much of your, or your employee’s, time.

They also design them with low-cost, yet sturdy materials, which means that they’ll pass the cost savings to you. You also won’t have to worry about them collapsing under your products’ weight or having to continually fix your hardware.

Gives You a Way to Stand Out Among Competitors

If you have a brand with good values that customers can trust, they’ll likely always choose your store over the competitors. In that case, you will want a way to establish your brand identity.

With custom retail shelving, you can add your brand’s logo, color, and other imagery that could enhance the customer’s shopping experience. Moreover, you can further enhance your display with specialized fixtures with lighting, extra flags, or box stands.

Can Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Many customers have specific products that they’ll buy when going to the store. Therefore, you’ll have a difficult time introducing them to new products unless you have the means to snatch their attention.

That’s where retail displays come in. With large colorful signs or intriguing displays, you can draw their attention and at least introduce them to a new product.

Moreover, having displays that present information on products or direct customers on where to find certain items will make their shopping trip easier. Because of this, you will have happier customers who will likely transition into becoming return customers.

Get Custom Retail Displays Today

Using custom retail displays at your store comes with a boatload of benefits like giving you more opportunities to expand your branding and a means to generate more revenue. Some ways that it can make you more money include targeting impulsive shoppers and enhancing your store’s overall atmosphere.

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