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Samsung HW-Q59CT Sound Bar




Audio, Touchless

The Challenge
Interact with sound bars but without contact. A choice of two different audio presentations are available, plus volume control, via touchless sensors. Depending on the venue plan-o-gram, either one or two sound bars may be presented in the same compact, shelf-top footprint.

The Samsung sound bar experience presents one or two sound bars, depending on the plan-o-gram. The interaction is touchless, using PX-100 touchless sensors. These sensors are native controls on the AH1 AudioHub, the brains behind this experience.

The Process
Utilize the AH1 AudioHub features to start either a cinematic sound clip or a music clip to demonstrate the versatility of the speaker package. Native AirSelect touchless sensors are easy to use with the AudioHub without adding equipment or complexity to the installation.
The Experience
Wave over either start button to begin a demo. The button blinks during the presentation, and the volume buttons light up, ready to adjust volume.
Volume controls blink while you hold your hand within three inches.
Very little space must be dedicated to instructions because the touchless sensors are intuitive.
Touchless sensors feature a hand-shaped window that shows users how to interact.

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