Bowers&Wilkins Speakers


IDL / Acrylic Design


Touchscreen, Audio, Digital, Audio signal switching

This elegant solution displays Bowers&Wilkins products evoking museum pieces set to music.

The Challenge

Create a smooth presentation that shows the speakers to advantage. The interface must be intuitive and elegant, and it must allow a flexible combination of products, and show product details at the right moment.

The Process

For the graphical interface, we worked with a concept image provided by IDL resembling an art museum exhibit. We added a sleek sidebar to select music and control volume.

The Experience

As each speaker is selected it is illuminated on screen as if an accent spot light is aimed at it. The subwoofer comes on with the sound bar, but can be deselected to play the sound bar by itself. Each selection triggers the appearance of a short paragraph giving essential details about the product.

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