digital signage

Did you know that digital signage is proven to capture 400% more views than its static alternative? Believe it or not, this isn’t the only advantage of digital signs for restaurants.

From capturing attention to making the customer experience more interactive, digital advertising is a great addition to any restaurant.

Not sure digital signs are the right choice for your budding business? Follow along to discover the top 7 benefits of digital signage for restaurants and why your establishment should include them.

1. Give Your Brand Personality

As a business owner, you’re likely already familiar with the importance of branding. Having a unique brand and personality is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you memorable to loyal customers.

Of course, making your brand personality known isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Outside of decorations and ambience, there aren’t a whole lot of options for voicing your personality in a physical setting. This is where digital signage provides a massive advantage.

Instead of only images and text, digital displays open up the opportunity for video and other digital entertainment. These can make your brand message come to life. With this ultra-engaging form of signage, your customers are sure to remember your brand and your personality!

2. Make Waiting Entertaining

On the subject of digital entertainment, digital signage is a great option for making those wait times feel more manageable.

Whether you are filling orders to go or estimating the next open table, digital signage can be used to entertain your guests and make that wait time pass in the blink of an eye.

Combine your unique promotions and engaging advertising to create a brand-specific television-like experience in your waiting area. Beyond the time-passing benefit this offers to your waiting guests, this advertising opportunity proves invaluable for brand exposure and sales!

You could even take your digital signs to the next level by incorporating a live, estimated wait time. This will keep your customers updated and prevent those who are just moments away from excellent service and food from becoming impatient and leaving.

3. Incorporate Interactive Design

Let’s be honest, we all love the chance to play with cool tech. That’s probably why digital kiosks have become so popular for food chains such as McDonald’s.

By offering your customers a chance to interact with your restaurant via these digital displays, you’ll notice a few key benefits. For starters, your customers will be able to navigate and order all on their own without having to wait for service or wave down a server. This increases their satisfaction and keeps them entertained all in one!

On a production level, the machines allow for less human error and can save you staffing costs during busy times. And of course, with the technology routing to your kitchen, you’re entire process will be sped up for faster, more satisfying service.

Worried about germs and covid safe regulations? Touchless tech could be the perfect choice to make you stand out and impress!

4. Upsell With Ease

The key to a successful restaurant business is mastering the art of the upsell. With a great approach, the revenue from each sitting can be increased to make your business more money. What’s more, is that this can all be done without sacrificing great service.

While it would be fantastic if every member of your staff was a killer upseller, the fact is that this technique isn’t easy for everyone. Fortunately, digital restaurant signage can help level the playing field to boost upselling staff-wide!

By carefully placing digital displays that encourage customers to add on a sauce or opt for dessert, you can utilize passive advertising to boost your sales.

For restaurants that opt for digital kiosks, your interactive experience can suggest add-ons and extras while guests order to ensure you (and your guests) get the most out of the visit.

5. Easy Updates

Signage is expensive. Unfortunately, in order to keep up with promotions and deals, you’ll likely find yourself replacing outdated signs like no tomorrow.

On the other hand, leaving out specifics to make the signage last longer isn’t advantageous either. With stale, stagnant signs, your visitors will grow tired of the same old promotions and images and direct their attention elsewhere.

Lucky for you, digital signs are simple and easy to change whenever you like. Not only can you stay up to date with ease but these ever-changing signs will have your audience engaged and interested on every visit.

6. Live Menu Boards

Speaking of updates, why keep your fresh content to digital advertising?

With such innovative tech, you can even transform your menu board into a live and always-updated feed. Prevent customers from being disappointed by a sold-out special by quickly and easily adjusting your menu to suit.

This also opens up the opportunity for a more flexible and diverse menu that still looks professional and branded!

7. Incorporate Digital Marketing Strategies

Last but certainly not least, you can take your signs for restaurants to the next level by promoting and incorporating your digital marketing efforts.

Engage and interact with users by displaying images and posts from your social media pages or other platforms with ease. These glimpses into your online presence will encourage visitors to connect online and become loyal advocates for your brand.

Use QR codes for quick connections and encourage users to share their experiences right then and there. You could even host contests or feature user-generated content on your digital signage. This will get customers excited about getting involved and have them returning to see if they are featured!

The Benefits of Digital Signage

Now that you know why digital signage is a great choice for your restaurant, it’s time to take action. From providing a more interactive experience for guests to boosting your marketing efforts, there’s simply no reason to put off this digital upgrade any longer.

Ready to experience digital advertising for your restaurant signage? Get in touch with us today to discover how we can make your digital signage dreams a reality for amazing results.