retail display ideas

To compete with growing online shopping trends, traditional retail needs to attract more customers. One way to draw in customers is creative retail display ideas.

Retail display is all about aesthetics. If something is colorful, interactive, or engages the senses, it is likely to draw a crowd. And as we move into a more digital age, interactive displays are becoming more important.

Interactive displays aren’t only for traditional retail stores. Institutions like museums are making the switch to more interactive exhibitions. This makes viewers feel more included. Traditional retail venues can benefit from these interactive retail displays as well, read on to learn more!

1. Say Hello to the Screen

This may be a bit obvious, but a television screen almost always draws in a crowd, regardless of what is being shown on it. Why? People are interested in the story, in what is being shown.

Take advantage of this curiosity and incorporate your product. Whether it’s a glossy advertisement about a product or testimonials given by customers, this is a good opportunity to take advantage of.

Television screens draw customers in because so many people engage in tv in their daily lives. We’re wired to pay attention when a screen is around! So whether your product has a storefront or in the mall, a tv screen will make you stand out from the crowd.

2. Some Good Audio

Audio plays a powerful part in our lives, we often associate certain experiences with music or tunes. Think of some of your favorite commercials, or even those that get stuck in your head. Most likely, they have a certain song or audio playing to advertise a brand or product.

Retail display ideas can benefit from audio as well. If a company is associated with a certain tune, then audio can be beneficial when played in a storefront setting. This allows potential customers to recognize the tune, and brand recognition draws people in.

Regardless if there’s a specific song evocative of your brand, audio is an unexpected retail idea that grabs attention. Whether it’s a popular song on the radio, or people talking about personal experiences, audio is an unexpected way to draw in curiosity.

3. Interactive Screens

Interactive technological retail display ideas need not be only for tech companies. Traditional retail stores benefit from these ideas as well! One way to garner interaction is through an iPad or screen set up.

Technological interaction can be displayed in a variety of ways. Maybe you display a virtual online shopping experience or a personality quiz. Either way, people will feel involved with your brand.

The touchscreen interface is becoming popular among retail storefronts. The pandemic has caused customers to be more cautious, but it is also a product of our technological advancements. People spend time on their devices, it’s natural they’re drawn to devices near a storefront as well!

4. Lights, Camera, Action

Lighting is an ongoing trend in retail displays. Light immediately captures the attention of potential customers whether in a store or mall setting. Light draws eyes and attention, particularly if it’s a creative display.

An example of this could be the use of string lights. This provides an air of comfort and warmth as the viewer is drawn into what the store offers.

Another example would be LED lights. The possibilities are endless. With LED lights or lightbars you can actually wire a sound system and have them coordinate a flashing or color-changing display. This is a unique and creative way to grab attention while giving people a little taste of what your brand or product offers.

5. Seeing Double

Another retail display idea to consider is putting people on camera! People love to see themselves and can turn the experience into a type of performance. This is a fairly easy setup with the use of video cameras and television screens.

Through the use of cameras and creative displays, this can be a fun interaction with both the storefront and the customer. By including people in on the fun, customers are more likely to consider the product you’re selling.

Whether it’s tech, clothing, or cameras, you can engage people by allowing them to see themselves in close proximity to what you sell! With a little creativity, you can turn your retail display into a fun experience for all.

6. Product Walls

Many retail displays are dedicating artistic approaches to entire walls. Not only is this somewhat immersive, but it provides a gallery air to your display. Some fun renditions of this trend are placing colorful lights around certain products.

Another technological approach would be displaying numerous screens on the wall and allowing people to interact with them in some way. You could do this by displaying different color filters on the television.

Take advantage of this wall trend and take your display to the next level!

7. Immersive Retail Display Ideas

Immersive experiences are becoming quite popular in different areas. Check out interactive parks or museum exhibitions, and you’ll get an idea of what people want.

It’s not about shopping, customers want an experience. You can give them that through an immersive retail display. This is done with well-placed tables and products, but with the help of technology, this experience can be taken to the next level.

Using the tech ideas previously mentioned, you can make an immersive experience with lights and some well-placed screens. Light has the ability to isolate a certain area within a store, creating an atmosphere of privacy. The screens can transport customers to the desired location, maybe the beach or the arctic, the possibilities are endless!

The use of sounds also pairs well with lights and screens. Sound will take a visual experience and transport the viewer audibly as well. Immersive experiences isolate the customer, giving them a chance to explore your product.

Engage the Senses

Retail display ideas need not stay in the past. As technology moves forward, so can your display! Although we process the most information through visuals, we also process through our other senses such as hearing and touch. Technology allows the potential to interact with all our senses.

Through creative retail display, your brand can create interactive experiences customers will not forget. Contact us to learn how to take your retail display ideas to the next level!