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You may be surprised to know that a whopping 81% of Gen Z shoppers prefer to shop in brick-and-mortar stores. An interactive product demo is an incredible brand awareness tool that puts your products in the hands of those potential customers and more. Literally, in their hands.

To help you choose which type of interactive displays are right for your retail business, this guide has everything you need to know about product demos and interactive product displays. Whether youre looking to turn doubters into believers or to reach a bigger audience, read on to learn why interactive displays help you sell more products.

What is an Interactive Product Demo?

Interactive product demos are a way to show off your products in person, giving customers a chance to get hands-on with them. You can give product proof and answer any questions they may have about it. It also stimulates interest and gets rid of concerns about how well your product works before purchase.

Interactive product displays are integrated into the retail stores themselves. They also are stand-alone displays alongside your products. You can use a variety of media to display your product from touch screens to audio controls.

Whether you want to provide a video screen, headphones, speakers, or remotes, you can give customers a fully immersed experience. These are made for products that are hard to convey using digital and web marketing alone.

Which Product Works Well for Interactive Displays?

Interactive displays are great for a variety of products. Audio equipment, sound bars, home speakers, smart home technology, home security, televisions, and computers are some of the best examples. While consumers can read about these products online and see photos, theres nothing like interacting with them in person.

Show consumers how smart lamps work or show them how their entire house is controlled by a central device. Display how easy security cameras are to use or how a new printer works. The audiovisual, computer, and technology industries are made for customer interaction.

Show off Your Product Demo Features in Person

An interactive product demo is a great way to show off your products. Not only do consumers get to see your product on the shelf, but they also get to see how the features work. The features are what makes your products unique.

Whether you have incredible 4K displays or an amazing kid-friendly tablet, for example, you want your customers to see these features in person. Let customers see what they will take home. You cant get a full picture of product features from a website description.

While images on your website are great, they cant convey the features that set your products apart. You can choose which features to highlight and what to make interactive. You can also customize which versions you display, how many samples you have, and how your demonstration looks.

Give Product Proof with a Retail Display

When you’re selling a product, you have to show your customers how it works. This can be done through a demo video, but the best way is to have an interactive product demo that allows them to try out the product themselves. Give them proof that your product does what it says it can.

You want your customers to feel confident in their purchase decision and get excited about what they’re buying. An interactive product demo gives them that opportunity by allowing them to experience it firsthand.

Rather than just watching someone else do so on screen or in person, they are in control of testing and using the product. Interactive displays give customers the proof they need to feel confident in buying them.

Answer Customer Questions

When you have an interactive product demo, you can answer your customers’ questions in real-time. This will help them make an informed decision about the product and give them a chance to answer their questions. Youll provide information about how the product works and how they will use it.

You can easily answer common customer questions with buttons, videos, or prompts on a screen. Maybe they have always wondered how your product sounds, what the controller looks like, or how the navigation works. This is your chance to answer those common customer questions.

Stimulate Interest

A product demo gives you the opportunity to raise brand awareness and interest in the product. Lets say a customer comes into a store for a new charger but they are also in the market for a soundbar after they move. With an interactive display, this consumer is able to test it out.

If they dont purchase it now, they will go back and order it online when they are ready. They also may come back into the store to buy it. Youve stimulated their interest, answered questions, and put your brand first in their mind.

When someone searches for a product online, they get flooded with options. If youre one of the only interactive displays in the store, your brand stands out. Give your brand the advantage of eyes and hands on your product.

Put your product in front of more consumers and get your brand out there. You can also shoot reels or videos of consumers testing your product to get more exposure. This is an incredible branding opportunity.

Gets Rid of Concerns

Your customers will have concerns about the product. It could be that they’re not sure about the quality, or if there’s a better option for them in another store. They may also have questions about how much it costs, whether or not they can get a warranty, and what kind of service is available after purchase.

An interactive display is a great way to get rid of customer concerns. You can remove any doubt and give them confidence in your brand. Interactive displays allow you to get rid of concerns, answer questions, and solve customer problems.

Save Money on a Retail Storefront

An interactive product demonstration allows you to create a mini retail storefront inside someone elses store. Imagine how much money youll save by opening your own brick-and-mortar store or showroom. Instead of paying for all the overhead of your own storefront, you can create an interactive experience inside another retailer.

Youll save on leasing space, staffing, utilities, and more. You can create a fully interactive store within a store. This gives customers a place to purchase your products and interact with them as if it was your own showroom.

You can give your customers a feel for what it is like in a showroom without the hassle of a second trip. Theres no need to go to a separate location. Customers can grab a set of speakers from the same place they buy their snacks, for example.

When it comes to purchasing a product, convenience is one of the highest customer priorities. If you make it easy and convenient, people will buy your products. Give them the products, the features, and a hands-on display all in one place.

Skip the Pushy Salespeople in Stores

When someone is shopping, their time is precious. Shoppers want to get what they need and enjoy the experience. This is where salespeople around displays can turn people away from your brand. With the wrong personality pushing your products shoppers may get the wrong impression of your brand.

No one wants to be sold something they dont need. This is where an interactive display puts customers in control. You can give customers full access to your products.

Theres no need to staff a demonstration where a salesperson pushes consumers. Let them try, sample, and interact with the features of your products at their own pace. This will leave them feeling confident about purchasing your products without being pushed.

If you have your own retail locations, interactive product displays reduce the pressure on your staff. They can assist other customers, answer questions, and ring up purchases while other people browse the interactive displays.

Get Started on Your Interactive Product Demo Today

If you’re looking to increase sales and improve brand recognition, an interactive product demo is a great way to get your products in front of potential customers. An interactive display is an incredible marketing tool that will take your sales to the next level. We can help create an interactive demonstration to help you reach more customers and make more sales.

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