Klipsch Reference Theater Pack

Kudos to Klipsch and InnoMark for their Silver OMA!

We’re thrilled too! We were able to be part of this great effort, providing the electroncs that make the experience sound fantastic. We’ve worked with InnoMark and Klipsch for years, and they have always been great partners. They value the ability to design creatively, and execute perfectly. It’s an honor to be part of this success which was recognized by the Shop Association with a Silver OMA.

The experience may look simple, but as always there are many details that must be right. Something as simple as a push-button can make or break an experience. We developed a better push-button that is more reliable and easier to install so that your projects can thrive in the retail environment. And the audio player is more than a great-sounding source for uncompressed music. The AH1 is our latest AudioHub, the brains behind the operation. The AH1 can accept up to six push-buttons or touchless sensors. Each button is capable of performing a custom task. The AudioHub can control external devices using serial commands, or it can be controlled by an external device or touchscreen.

These products are great examples of our philosophy: Think custom, but design modular. We’re always learning new tech and techniques, and we use that knowledge to build a toolbox of pre-engineered solutions. We know you’ll always think of something nobody else has done before, but this toolbox let’s us do custom projects quickly. That way much of the work can be done by modules we’ve previously designed, tested, and produced, which can reduce the time to market by several weeks.

Factors like these enable us to be the valuable, trusted partner in projects like the Klipsch Reference Theater Pack project. Call us today to talk about your needs or ideas. Ascentic Retail Engineering is here to elevate your product experience.