interactive displays

We’re in a retail revitalization thanks to new technology elevating the customer experience. Leading the charge are interactive displays, a market projected to grow by $15 billion by 2027.

Costs are down and adoption is up. It’s the perfect time for retailers to take advantage of digital assets in their stores. Let’s look at a few of the top benefits of using interactive displays in your store.

Enhance the In-Store Experience

The main benefit of digital displays is that they improve the customer experience. Dynamic displays capture attention and maintain interest with vivid imagery. They then promote ownership by offering exciting ways to connect with brands.
With these tools, you can put countless capabilities at your customers’ fingertips. Customers can perform various tasks with interactive displays, including:

  • Trying product demos
  • Searching digital catalogs
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Customizing solutions

Customers gain control over the shopping experience. They have the option to learn at their own pace and view products in meaningful ways.

Interactive displays connect various touchpoints to create a personalized experience. Customers can find the latest promotions, learn more about products, sign up for loyalty perks, and engage with brands on social media.

By doing this, displays combine the best parts of online and in-store shopping. Customers can test products with instant access to information to help them with their buying decisions.

The potential for augmented reality will create even more exciting opportunities for the customer. Displays are tapping into the combined power of social technology and devices to create memorable moments.

Enhancing the customer experience will have immediate benefits for your business as well. Customers find the experience essential, with 73% saying it influences their buying decisions. For their part, businesses that focus on improving customer experience see an 80% revenue increase.

Save Merchandising Space

A dynamic display or digital kiosk can change how you merchandise your retail space. With digital displays, you can condense thousands of products into a single screen. You can stock your stores with a wider selection of products without taking away the experiential factor.

For example, a furniture retailer may display sofas in one color and use displays to let customers search the collection catalog. They can look through different swatches or find other items in the collection. The retailer could even let them drag and drop different items into a room to help them visualize the setup.

With that capacity in a small screen, stores can save merchandising space without limiting customers. At the same time, they save display space. With dynamic displays, several messages can occupy the same area, cutting costs and opening sales floors.

Help Sales and Customer Service

Before kiosks, customers had to research products on their devices or ask sales reps for help. It could be time-consuming and uncomfortable for people who don’t want to lose control of the experience.

With digital kiosks, customers get the information they need to start the purchasing process. They’re able to cut down on waiting time, sales steps, and awkward sales rep interactions.

They fill many essential functions, but retail displays won’t replace customer service employees. Instead, they enhance their role along with the customer experience.

Training employees on using new technologies is essential if you want to succeed with interactive displays. When you show how displays work in the sales and fulfillment process, you give them a powerful new tool to please customers.

By taking over the job of educating customers, sales reps and customer service have more free time to improve the business. They no longer have to keep customers waiting by taking time to research products or check availability. Customers earn independence, and employees can focus on closing deals and improving the store.

Gain Marketing Insights

Displays allow customers to learn more about your products, but they also give you a chance to learn about your customer. They supply crucial marketing insights to help you improve your offerings.

Consumers use digital displays in stores as a source of entertainment, so they’re a great way to promote surveys. Ask about the service experience while it’s top-of-mind with your customers. It’s a whole new way to get rich, relevant information from members of your target audience.

Displays can yield useful marketing data beyond user-submitted information. Retailers are using customer interactions with their displays to understand their needs. They can track popular searches and other customer trends to see which products are getting the most interest.

Increase Conversion

Interactive business displays improve the customer experience and employee productivity. They provide a unique way to differentiate your business from your competitors.

For the customer, interactive displays create a new form of discovery, which aids in their retention. An exciting display will have more of an effect on recall than a standard print message.

Intelligent automation in displays can take that customer interest and form the sale. Not only do they help you personalize options, but they can also make suggestions to cross-sell and up-sell. In the end, it all leads to improving conversion and boosting revenue.

Displays can create new purchasing opportunities for all types of different customers. Demos give a “feel of the wheel” that helps the decision process, while eye-catching visuals pull people in from all over. If you have someone coming in to make a simple return, they may be drawn to a display and start their next purchase.

How Will Interactive Displays Change Your Business?

xInteractive displays are a hands-free way to boost your business. Customers will have a memorable time in your stores, and employees will find them a valuable resource. The result is a more positive experience for everyone.

Are you ready for the benefits of interactive displays for your company marketing? Contact our team at Ascentic to learn how we can revolutionize your sales floor.