Headphone retail display

Beyond the Basic Reasons to Update

Whether you are a fixture designer or a merchandiser for an international manufacturer, you have to ask yourself periodically, “should I update this retail display?” Beyond the basic refresh to update the appearance or present a new product, you should also consider implementing technology that could increase the effectiveness of your display.

These are some of the main functions of technology in the shopping experience:

  • Attract
  • Experience
  • Report

We will examine each of these in future posts, but consider which of these will contribute to the goals of your product experience. These can all help you sell on value, not price. Let me tell you a little story. Back in 1976, Jon Sisk opened his hi-fi stereo boutique with the goal of selling on value. The best quality speakers are not usually the loudest, and he wanted to show customers the difference. Without this guidance, most people will choose the louder speakers, which are often the least expensive. He created the Equal Volume Comparator to demonstrate speakers at the same perceived volume, leveling the playing field so to speak. That happened to be the key moment in the history of Audio Authority, launching a line of retail demonstration devices that keeps growing and evolving to this day under the Ascentic brand. (For more on selling on value, check out #4 in this insightful article).

Why add tech when I update my display?

  1. Attract: Is there an interactive element I could add that would improve visibility or dwell time at this display? 
  2. Experience: Are my competitors selling more by providing a richer and more informative media experience?
  3. Report: Could I harvest valuable data on customer traffic, dwell time, and choices as they interact with the display?

So, when asking “should I update my retail display”, you may want to consult our application engineers. They can recommend the best tech that will improve the product experience, guiding the customer to the best value, not the lowest price.