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It’s important to build your brand identity. It’s the message you want to send to the world about your business.

But how do you do that?

Your website and social media are a couple of ways of building and developing brand identity. You can also build it through mailers, email, and newsletters.

But there’s one way you may not have thought of, and that’s with digital displays and signage.

Here’s how your can develop your brand identity with digital displays.

What Is Brand Identity?

First, let’s talk about brand identity. Brand identity is all of the elements a business uses to communicate its brand.

Much like your personal identity sets you apart from others, a brand identity sets apart a business from every other business. It’s the visual elements of your brand.

That could include the colors, logo, typography, and designs that are used to distinguish your brand. Brand identity is an intentional choice.

Brand identity is often associated with a brand image. However, it’s different from brand image. Brand image is how customers feel about your brand.

What Is a Digital Display?

Digital displays may be referred to by other names such as digital signage. Digital displays are a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content.

They can be any size and any resolution. Sometimes they are touchscreen capable.

Many are smart displays, powered by an SoC or “system on a chip.” The hardware that plays the media is behind the screen.

What Types of Businesses Use Digital Displays?

Digital displays are all around you. They are useful for any kind of business, school, or nonprofit.

Digital displays are used at airports to indicate arrival and departure times for flights. They are used in hotels to welcome guests and provide directions. They can be used in retail spaces to provide maps or sell products to consumers.

Digital signs are affordable, engaging, and highly adaptable to your needs. Businesses of any size can benefit from digital signage. In fact, over half of retailers claim customers respond well to their use of digital displays.

That’s why digital displays are a great choice to build your brand identity.

How Can You Develop Your Brand Identity With Digital Displays?

Digital displays are a catchy, appealing way to communicate your brand identity. You can do that in a few different ways. Here’s how.

Interactive Demonstrations Can Provide Engagement

Interactive digital displays are great for interactive demonstrations. High-quality audio and video content will engage customers and capture their interest.

A touch screen display can allow consumers to interact with your brand. Touchscreen kiosks placed throughout a retail store could highlight in-store inventory, allowing customers to virtually browse. Touchscreens could also be used for self-checkout, or for allowing your staff to quickly and efficiently check out shoppers.

For example, you could use a touchscreen display to show images of a product such as speakers. A shopper could approach the retail display and see your branded products on display. They could browse speaker and receiver configurations and get recommended setups.

These interactive demonstrations can further supplement your brand identity. They can show customers who your brand is and what you are all about in a fun, inviting way.

Develop Brand Consistency by Reinforcing Your Brand Identity

Digital displays can help you consistently reinforce your brand identity. That means reinforcing your image through the display and use of your logo, colors, and typography. Using similar content can improve consistency in your brand’s appearance.

A consistent brand appearance means your stores can be easily recognizable across multiple locations. It can also help create a lasting brand impression, regardless of what location your customers visit. Stores in different neighborhoods, cities, and states could all have a cohesive image.

You Can Share Your Company Values

Part of your brand identity is your company values. A digital display will allow you to share your values with your employees and consumers.

If you’re a green company and want to promote that, a digital display could highlight your efforts. Maybe it could highlight your building’s LEED certification and design.

If your company believes in giving back, a digital display could announce upcoming opportunities for employees to participate in. It could also highlight past charitable events your company has participated in.

You Can Highlight Your Products’ Value

Digital displays can highlight your product’s value. You can use them to sell your products to potential customers and increase your bottom line.

By highlighting a strong brand identity through digital signage, customers will feel good about their decision to purchase your products. They will know what your brand is and how trustworthy it is.

Digital Displays Can Change as Your Brand Identity Grows

As your brand identity develops and grows over time, a digital display can easily be changed. This flexibility makes it easy to showcase the evolution of your company, your history, and your product lines. If you cover many products or industries, a digital display is a great way to showcase this.

Digital displays also come in all shapes and sizes. They can be placed in lobbies, used in kiosks, incorporated into a retail display, or placed anywhere you want to catch someone’s attention. They are highly customizable.

Build Your Brand Identity With Our Digital Displays

If you’re looking to build your brand identity in a creative way, we can help. At Ascentic, we use our expertise in electronic design and manufacturing to create digital displays that will support your business’ brand.

Our digital display solutions can establish and communicate your brand identity to the world. We’re a U.S.-based company with a global reach.

Contact us today and let us help you.