Multi-purpose MediaHub Model MH2-4K by Ascentic

Ascentic Elevates BrightSign to its Full Potential

Ascentic MediaHubs have a built-in BrightSign audio-video engine. To that we add multiple inputs and outputs so you can connect to all kinds of consumer products. You can also connect special switching, amplification and lighting effects modules, and connect any user interface including touch screen, touch panel, push-button, or our new touchless controls. See the AirSelect proximity sensors in action!

There are three types of MediaHub: multi-purpose, multi-video, and multi-audio. This post will introduce the MH2 multi-purpose MediaHub.


The 4K Ascentic MediaHubs with BrightSign have the UltraHD BrightSign engine built-in. That means premium video quality and reliable playback, but the HDMI port also allows the MediaHub to send commands to TVs, receivers and sound bars, so you can turn them on and off and adjust volume levels.

Discrete Audio Outputs

The MH2 MediaHub offers separate analog and digital audio outputs that can operate at the same time. Custom programming can control the volume levels and on / off status during the presentation.


Choose your control method – RS-232, touchscreen, push-button, touchless sensors, or rotary volume controls. It has eight ports for push buttons or touchless sensors. If you need more, Ascentic offers expanders to connect an unlimited number of push-buttons or sensors.


The MediaHub can be linked to peripherals using our proprietary RS-485 bus. That allows any of the special devices for audio switching, lighting effects, or amplification to coordinate with the MeidaHub. Browse compatible devices and user interfaces.


Every MediaHub has Ethernet capability, so you can control, configure or update its behavior remotely. With custom programming, you can even monitor user data and system health.

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We have two other MediaHub configurations to show you, and also accessories and custom harness options, so check this blog again to learn about multi-audio and multi-video MediaHubs! Till then, you can browse the lineup on the Audio Authority website for product details: