interactive displays

Imagine it. You’re at work, bored out of your mind again. You’re wishing that things could be different, but nothing ever seems to change. You need something to wake you up and spice up your work day, but what could that thing be? If those boring days sound like what you’re going through, we suggest investing in interactive displays.┬áThese activity-based platforms can help wake you and your employees up.

To learn more about how you can incorporate interactive displays in your workplace, keep reading. We’ll share our top four ways for including interactive displays in the workplace.

1. Dashboards as Interactive Displays

Dashboards are located in popular locations in business offices. Typically, these are displays that staff as well as visitors can interact with.

Typically, companies display data from various sources through the dashboard. For example, your company may want to show a general slideshow in the lobby. With an interactive dashboard, visitors and employees could manually slide through the PowerPoint and interact with different pages.

You can show social media posts or give announcements. Basically, you can show whatever you want to show and allow the viewers to do whatever you want them to do.

If you decide to show these dashboard displays throughout your office, you can make different uses for different spaces. For example, a social media feed or general PowerPoint may be better in the visiting area, but a calendar of meetings or other office gatherings may be appropriate in the employee break room.

There is an endless number of uses that you can give an interactive dashboard. Just let your creative juices flow and see where it takes you.

Think about what kind of displays would be functional in which rooms throughout your office. See what works where and what your employees enjoy and find useful.

2. Scrum Boards as Interactive Displays

Scrum boards are interactive, collaborative boards that don’t necessarily require technology. Usually, organizations that make scum boards use sticky notes on a clear board. However, you can integrate technology if this is easier (and if you want to avoid wasting so much paper).

Scum boards are great solutions for companies who are looking for cross-specialty collaboration. You can designate your area of collaboration (usually a wall or board of some sort) and then title the question that you need answered.

For example, you may want to know where your employees want to go for your annual employee bonding trip. Have them give their ideas on the board and see what the most popular suggestions are.

You could also use the area for voting. One sticky note equals one vote. This may be easier than sifting through hundreds of individual answers.

However you decide to compose your board, you should be sure to recognize those who actually interact with it. One of the biggest parts of using an interactive display is allowing your employees to voice their opinions.

Make your employees feel heard. You’ll be surprised at how much their work may improve in response to the new interactive boards.

3. Whiteboards as Interactive Displays

Whiteboards are a great, paper-free way to get your team to work together more often. All you have to do is leave whiteboard markers next to the whiteboard and let your employees share their opinions.

The great thing about whiteboards is that you can start all over again with the swipe of an eraser. You could alternate questions quickly this way.

Using a whiteboard also allows your team to write out more than they could with other kinds of displays. They can also mark their answers in different colors.

For example, you may lay out red and green markers for a yes or no question. Those who think “no” could write their reason why in red marker. The same goes for “yes” and a green marker.

You can also use the whiteboards to hang important documents up using magnets. You can let members of your team share pictures or other fun things on the board.

As an alternative, you could switch out your whiteboards for blackboards. Just leave chalk around the blackboard, and it works exactly the same.

Whiteboards and blackboards are extremely popular in corporate offices since they are easy to use.

4. Wayfinders as Interactive Displays

Several large offices have wayfinders. These are interactive displays that show a map of the office in full.

Wayfinders are extremely popular with visitors. It makes navigating new offices and finding exactly where you need to go much easier.

You may be familiar with stagnant maps that allow visits to view, but interactive displays let the visitors search, scroll, and peruse. They can find new things, discover places they haven’t been to yet, and pinpoint hard-to-find locations.

For example, a large mall may want an interactive map to help new and old visitors find the stores that they’re looking for. The visitors would be able to search for stores they like or items they need.

In fact, individual stores can use wayfinders to help their visitors find the products that they need. The store can mark different sections on the map and allow the visitors to easily find the kinds of products that they need.

Different kinds of establishments can use wayfinders. It doesn’t even have to be a large building.

Visitors find interactive maps extremely helpful, especially when they’re feeling lost. Just think about how grateful your visitors will be with the new interactive displays.

Investing in Interactive Displays

Interactive displays will wake up your employees and make your workplace hustle and bustle again. The benefits of having interactive displays in the workplace are plentiful, and you’ll be able to see your employees feel appreciated again with different interactive displays.

To invest in interactive displays, contact our team at Ascentic Retail Engineering. We have the expertise and vision to get your office up and running with all different kinds of interactive displays.

Feel free to peruse around our website and look at the different kinds of interactive displays that we can put up. With so many options, you’re sure to find your favorite.