digital product displays

Digital product displays are still a new sight in the retail environment, but they can create huge opportunities for modern businesses. Customers are used to seeing information on screens, whether that be on a mobile phone, tablet device, or laptop. It is a logical step that they will also find it convenient and natural to look for in-store information on a digital product display.

However, what specific advantages can you expect in your retail store when you invest in digital signage? After all, every cent is important when you are trying to get ahead of your competitors and become a market leader.

Read on to find out why an interactive retail display could boost your sales revenues and provide an improved customer experience.

1. Increase Retail Store Footfall

It can be challenging to attract the attention of consumers when they are in the vicinity of your store. Potential buyers could be moving quickly because they are busy, talking to a companion, or even looking at their mobile phone while walking past.

Traditional marketing methods such as static outdoor signs are unlikely to catch a customer’s eye when there are so many competing distractions. But, digital display systems have bright screens and can update with new and interesting information that is more likely to appeal to a customer. This can be a great way to encourage people to stop what they are doing and visit your store.

2. Digital Product Displays Can Increase Sales

Encouraging impulse buys by placing certain products close to tills is nothing new in the retail world. But imagine the power of having a touchless digital display at the sales counter, and even spaced evenly around your store. When customers are unsure about making a purchase, they can use the touchless system to look up all the information they need.

You can then encourage purchases at the point of sale without requiring a staff member to be nearby.

3. Readvertise Social Media Content

The modern consumer spends a huge amount of time on social media platforms. Therefore, it is essential that every business uses this medium to make contact and increase advertising reach. But, this can be a problem for a retail store that sells to customers who are on the premises.

An excellent method of making the most of this opportunity is to use digital signage. You can display your social media posts to customers who are already in your store and considering making a purchase. This means you are also getting extra benefit from your posts as you can display each image or article to a larger number of people.

4. Entertain Your Customers and Be Interactive

Attention spans may be getting shorter, but this is another advantage of using interactive store displays. Rather than a customer walking around your store for several minutes, seeing the same products in a static position, and little other stimulation, digital signage can keep them entertained.

For example, if there are relevant YouTube videos related to your products, you can display these on screens around your store. You could also show pictures of celebrities or influencers wearing or using products similar to the items you sell. You can even put up interactive quizzes that engage customers and keep them interested.

5. Provide Customers with Real-Time Information

Perhaps you have popular products that are selling out quickly. If a customer is in-store and can not find the product, they are likely to go to a competitor. But, if you have digital signs you can update in real-time, you can provide instant updates including a delivery timeframe.

Instead of going to a different store, the customer can then go for a coffee until the product arrives in a couple of hours. They could also go home and plan to come back the next day with a friend or family member. This can be a fantastic way to retain customers and increase footfall.

6. Reduce Costs

The traditional method of printing large brochures that you’ll need to update later is not cost-effective. But, a retail store that uses digital signage can continually add new products to their stock levels and display them instantly in-store. It is also possible to include a lot more information digitally that you would have room for in a magazine or on a leaflet.

When you have a system to easily add new items to your digital advertising signs, there is a minimal cost to marketing your full line of merchandise.

7. Boost Internal Communications

Aside from helping customers, digital displays can also benefit your staff. It can be difficult to remember all the new products in stock and the best ways to promote them to customers. But, when digital signs are nearby, employees can look up all the information they need, ensuring they don’t forget to mention key points.

Staff can then achieve better sales commissions and provide a higher standard of customer service.

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As more and more companies turn to online marketing techniques, digital product displays can be an excellent tool for retail stores seeking to motivate in-store customers. The ability to interact with a huge potential customer base while providing the information they need to make decisions can be effective and cost-efficient. This is where Ascentic™ Retail Engineering can help.

Investing in the right technology with an industry leader can help your business to reach customers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales.

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