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About 50% of customers will switch to one of your competitors after a single unsatisfactory customer experience (CX). Without the right technology solutions, you could start losing customers. Before that happens, consider utilizing CX technology this year.

What exactly is CX technology, and how can you start using it to improve customer interactions? Read on to find out!

Determine if investing in technology solutions suits your company’s goals. Learn more about CX tech today.

What Is CX Tech?

The CX indicates how consumers feel about your brand as they complete the customer journey. Customer journeys occur online, in person, or on social media. Providing a positive CX can help consumers feel comfortable with your brand.

By offering a positive CX, you can improve the perception and impression consumers develop about your business. Leaving a lasting, positive impression can improve:

  • Customer lifetime values
  • Your brand reputation
  • Revenue

About 46% of consumers will pay more for brands they trust. Offering a great CX can improve brand trust. In addition to buying more, consumers will also start recommending your brand to friends and family members.

However, you only have seven impressions to make your first impression. In those seven seconds, consumers will determine if they like and trust your business.

If they do, you could start gaining loyal customers. A loyal customer is worth 10 one-time shoppers.

Unfortunately, consumers don’t have the time or patience for slow or unresponsive service. Businesses can use CX technology to offer faster response times. Faster, more relevant responses can improve the CX, allowing you to gain and retain loyal customers.

Loyal customers can help you generate repeat sales, improving your return on investment. They might rave about your business to other consumers, allowing you to leverage word-of-mouth marketing to grow.

You can use CX technology to improve in-store customer experiences to offer a cohesive experience.

Benefits of CX Tech

Improving the CX will reduce customer churn, increase customer loyalty, and help your business grow. Here are a few other benefits to consider.

Remain Competitive

Work with an experienced business to improve customer interactions. Use the latest technology solutions to show customers you’re remaining relevant. Innovative products that combine electronic design and manufacturing can streamline these interactions.

You can outperform competitors to remain relevant within your niche.

Ease of Use

Instead of trying to apply the latest technology solutions alone, consider working with an experienced provider. We’ll take the time to assess your needs and goals before determining the best technology solutions.

The ease of deployment will save you time, money, and stress. At the same time, you can start reaping these benefits as soon as possible to improve customer interactions.

Empathize With Customers

Using CX technology solutions will show consumers that you care about their needs and experiences. The business-to-consumer relationship is constantly evolving. If you’re not using the latest technology solutions, consumers will take notice.

They might decide to turn to your competitors instead of choosing your brand.

Meet Customer Needs

Leveraging the latest business technology will enable you to offer better customer experiences. You can better understand what customers want and expect to cater to their needs.

With CX technology, you can start using self-service platforms to improve customer experiences. These technologies can also help improve customer experience management. For example, you can determine where you’re falling short when interacting with customers.

Applying CX tech solutions will allow you to put the customer first. CX technologies will empower your business. They’ll provide the tools you need to continue updating and improving customer interactions with your brand.

Speed Up Interactions

Using technology solutions can help you provide consumers with the information they want faster. You’ll enhance customer satisfaction levels while adding additional value to your customers.

For example, you can:

  • Automate processes and systems
  • Reduce time spent on a query
  • Personalize experiences and offerings
  • Minimize frustration
  • Offer more control as customers make buying decisions
  • Understand customer needs and expectations

Customers don’t want to wait for the information or solutions they want. Using business technology can help you speed up the process.

Personalized Experiences

Personalizing experiences can boost sales by 10% or more. In fact, 90% of marketers experience a lift in results after using personalization.

Meanwhile, 73% of customers expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Another 62% expect companies to adapt based on their actions and behaviors. About 52% of customers will switch brands if a company fails to personalize communications.

It’s important to note that these technology solutions don’t work in a silo. Customers will still want to interact with humans when engaging with your brand. Finding the right balance between human interaction and digital technology can help you reap the benefits of CX technologies.

Proven Solutions

We tailor our CX technology to each client’s specific requirements, aligning technology solutions with unique business goals. Our toolbox allows clients to take advantage of these proven solutions. With these technology solutions, you can save time and money while discovering new ways to improve the customer’s experience.

As you improve the customer’s unique experiences with your brand, you’ll generate more revenue.

Here are a few proven solutions you can start using to grow your business.


A MediaHub is more than a player; it’s a smart device that you can program to orchestrate interactive experiences. This smart device allows brands to control everything from lighting effects to audio.

Most of our MediaHubs have BrightSign built-in. This technology allows brands to leverage the power of BrightAuthor. BrightSign provides legendary video and audio quality to improve customer experiences.

The technology features more than traditional audio players. You can also optimize it for interactivity, making it ideal for retail spaces.

Our MH4-HD model is ideal if you need to coordinate an HDMI audio or video experience. It features multiple user interface options. You can interface directly with TVs, sound bars (via Ethernet), AVRs, and more.

Our audio players provide a set of features and functionality that’s ideal for interactive selling. The interactive controls deliver industry-standard performance. You can create audio-centric demonstration systems to draw new customers to your products.

User Interfaces

Our products are designed for push-button operation or interfaces such as:

  • Touch screens
  • Touch panels
  • Serial commands
  • Touchless sensors

The push buttons provide a simple yet attractive interface for demonstrative systems. The modular Easy Plug installs quickly without error, minimizing expense and installation time. It features:

  • Bright LED illumination
  • Easy installation
  • Touch stainless steel
  • Availability in many colors
  • Custom colors available

The AirSelect Touchless sensors are an ideal replacement for 19mm push buttons. They can simplify any interface while saving space. The advanced model interprets hand gestures for a better user experience.

Speaker Switchers and Amplifiers

Back in 1976, our innovative audio switching launched our engineering enterprise. Today, we offer optical to high-level speaker switching. We can specify or source the right device for your needs.

Our range of stand-alone products can help drive your presentations. You can rock a high-end presentation with switchers and integrated players. Add high-powered speakers to your presentation by choosing from a range of compact and versatile amplifiers.

Headphone Switchers

We’ve turned perfecting implication levels and honing frequency responses into a science. Our headphones accept digital and analog audio. They feature auxiliary inputs for a range of music players.

You can chain headphones together to expand the capacity of any display.

Choose from a range of switchers for your retail environment. Use quality music to demonstrate your products, including soundbars, headphones, or speaker docks.

Lighting Effects

Proper LED lighting is essential for everything from retail top-shelf displays to museums. Proper lighting can draw the customer’s gaze. You can even enhance the appearance of your products with the right lighting effects.

We add interactivity to lighting experiences. You can coordinate light behaviors with user interaction, audio, or video. Get your message across using one of our LED Lighting Effects modules.

System Control

Use high-end electronics to demonstrate your speakers or headphones. From system health and power monitoring to lighting controls, you can streamline the entire system.

We offer our expertise in managing electronic systems in retail and business environments.

BrightSign Accessories

Most of our devices either integrate with BrightSign or have BrightSign engines built-in. We can connect and package our players to a custom workboard system.

They’re ready for installation to ensure you get up and running as soon as possible.

Start Using CX Technology Today

Using CX technology can help improve how customers engage with your brand. Improving their experiences can help you retain customers. As a result, you can increase your ROI to start growing your business long-term.

Start improving customer interactions with CX business technology solutions today.

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