pop up shop display ideas

Eighty-four percent of sales still come from physical stores. There are many reasons why some consumers prefer these. Some need live experiences, interacting with sellers, and getting items quickly.

However, physical retail spaces can be expensive. A business that buys or rents a commercial space is taking a big risk.  It would be better for them to temporarily test their products before taking the big leap.

With a pop up shop, they can do just that. A pop up shop is a temporary retail space used for testing products. Read on for some pop shop display ideas you can use for your next testing venture.

1. Use Color Carefully

A well-organized booth will convince customers of your competence. If your items are thrown this way and that, customers will assume you don’t care enough about running your business. This apathy will likely translate to your products.

Use Color Schemes

What kind of organizational scheme should you use? Organizing your products by color can create an eye-catching display. You may also want to use a complementary, analogous, or another color scheme.

You should also make sure that your furnishings, decorations, and other parts of your booth match your color scheme as well. This will make guests very happy to stay in your pop up shop booth for some time

Consider Color Psychology

Have you ever noticed that food companies often have red in their logos? They make their logos this way because of something called “color psychology“. This is a science that figures out how certain colors make people feel.

Red, for instance, supposedly makes people hungrier. Blue makes people feel calm. Orange makes people feel energetic.

Think about the vibes that you want your business to give off. Then learn what colors give people that reaction. Use this information to decide on your color scheme.

2. Display Less

Would you say that your business sells high-end luxury products? Or do you want your business’s products to appear high-end? If so, here’s a simple trick you can use.

Put Fewer Products Out

High-end luxury stores tend to put out fewer products. They don’t necessarily do this because they don’t have a lower number of products. They usually do this because carefully crafted items are harder to come by.

Cheaper items are often mass-produced via a factory assembly line. This process results in a lot of items, but they are often of poor quality. Therefore, people associate having a higher number of items on display with “cheapness” and “poor quality”.

You can take advantage of this association. Even if you have a fair amount of product, display less of it on the shelves. Your business will turn into a high-end luxury one and you may command higher prices.

Display Luxury Items

This persuasion trick only goes so far. If your products don’t have that high-end look, people will be unwilling to pay high-end prices. They may even become angry at you for trying to trick them.

For example, say that you build a high-end clothing pop up shop with thin-looking clothing made of synthetic material. You can make the rest of your pop up shop look as luxurious as you want. People will still hesitate to buy the products at the high-end prices you’ve set.

3. Put Items at Eye Level

Putting your items at eye level is a neat visual merchandising trick. Marketing experts have found that products placed at eye level tend to sell better. This is probably because customers can’t easily spot items that are above or below their eye level.

Think of Your Customer

However, “eye level” can mean different things for different people. You need to consider the average height of who you’re selling to. Then you should display your products at their specific eye level.

For example, say your clothing pop up shop booth sells items for both adults and children. In this situation, you need to display the adult items at an adult’s average eye level. Children’s items should be displayed closer to the ground where their eye level is.

Eye Level Pop Up Shop Ideas

There’s a lot of retail industry technology available that can help you hang your clothing items in the right place. However, you may not need anything too fancy. A stack of boxes or a pegboard can work well if your items aren’t too luxurious.

If you do sell luxurious items, you should want your display furniture to reflect that. Consider renting or buying quality furnishings to use for hanging or placing your products. If you want to save money, second-hand versions of these furnishings can work well enough.

4. Use Odd Numbers

Some people might be tempted to group their products into even-numbed groups. They may think this is a good idea because people tend to like even numbers more than odd numbers. However, this isn’t the case if you’re dealing with visual marketing.

How Odd Numbers Work

Odd numbers happen to be more visually appealing. This is likely because they’re more interesting to the eye than even numbers. Since humans are naturally drawn to even numbers, odd numbers are seen as weird.

Odd numbers force customers’ eyes to move around the grouping. This visual movement should also extend to the rest of your pop up shop booth.

Displaying Odd Numbers

You need to display your products in groups of odd numbers. This may be difficult to do if you have large racks of clothing. Even if you put clothing in odd groups, customers won’t register larger odd numbers on sight.

Instead, you need to use smaller odd-numbered groups. For example, if you have large items you can display on shelves or tables, put them together in groups of three or five. You can do the same with hanging pieces of jewelry.

5. Create a Lifestyle Display

You’ve probably seen displays that show mannequins “using” a store’s products. For example, a sports clothing store may show mannequins wearing its products and engaging in a sport. Furniture stores will often show displays of their furniture set up in a false room.

These kinds of displays are also possible in a pop up shop. You will probably just need to make them


Many pop up shops are small, so you may be unable to comfortably fit a full-sized mannequin display in your pop up shop. However, with today’s technology, it is possible to create miniature versions of your projects along with miniature mannequins (if necessary).

A smaller-sized display may even draw more eyes to it. Just don’t make the displays too small. Doing this may make it harder for guests to see the models.

The Shop is a Display

The whole shop can be a lifestyle display as well. For example, if you sell children’s toys, you can turn your shop into a child’s playroom. Then you can have mannequin kids playing with your products in the room.

6. Have Enough Lighting

Pop up shops and booths are usually indoors. Therefore, you need to ensure that your guests have adequate lighting to see your products.

Smaller Lighting

Having many smaller light sources is much better than just having one big one. The light from the bigger fixture may not reach all the corners of your store. Make sure to strategize where you put your lights so all your products are lit up.

Types of Lights

You also want to consider the types of lighting you’re going to use. Choosing the wrong lighting fixtures can lessen your company’s image.

For example, you should only choose fairy lights if you’re trying to appear artsy or whimsical. These kinds of lights probably won’t look great in a luxury store. You’d probably want a chandelier or another type of classy light in this case.

7. Keep Things Uncluttered

This doesn’t just mean you should keep things less messy. It also means that you shouldn’t display too many items at once. This should be the case even if you don’t sell luxury items

Tires the Eyes

Having too many items on display at once can tire your customers’ eyes. They may feel too overwhelmed and be unable to stay in your shop for a sizable length of time. As a result, you’ll make fewer sales.

Leave Some Space

Consider leaving a fair amount of space in between your products. This will make your products easier to browse. In addition, if you manage to keep the items evenly spaced, they will be even more pleasing to the eyes.

Try Our Pop Up Shop Display Ideas

Using the many marketing rules that experts have discovered is a great way to elevate your pop up shop. Now that you’ve learned about them, integrate these pop up shop display ideas into your pop up shop. This should help you attract more customers than before.

However, if you want to draw even more customers to your shop, consider working with us. The retail industry technology that we offer can engage your customers. This should lead to a boost in sales for you.

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