Ever since the first lighted signs turned up in 1910 at the Paris Motor Show, businesses have been looking at it for help in maximizing their audience potential. More than a century later, the technologies that support them have improved.

With those improvements, there are more benefits to a lighted sign campaign today than ever before. In the following article, we’ll be looking at the 10 reasons this form of signage can make any business shine. Let’s begin!

1. They Catch The Eye

The first and most obvious reason for launching your lighted outdoor signs is visibility. Quite simply, they command the gaze of the motorist or pedestrian who’s passing by it. 

An advertising campaign only works if it’s seen. With the right combination of bright lighting and content, businesses can enjoy a boost in impression marketing which feeds the marketing funnel.

Make the most of your lighted signage by focusing first on a quality design and message. Next, get it seen by configuring a light scheme that attracts attention without distracting from the content. 

2. They Extend Longevity

Lighted business signs also can improve Marketing Game by extending the longevity of the message. To understand how this works, take the standard billboard.

A non-lighted or dimly lit billboard only guarantees that your marketing content will appear to motorists throughout the day. Adding LED accent lighting or using a video wall brings a much brighter lighting scheme to the table.

This brightness ensures that motorists and pedestrians day and night see your message. Essentially, you turn a 12-hour-per-day advertisement into one that goes around the clock. 

3. They Are Energy Efficient

Most outdoor signage today uses LED lighting to illuminate the message. LED lights have the advantage of lasting way longer than the old halogen lamps of yore. 

LED lights also burn brighter and cooler. This makes them a cheaper option as you have to replace far fewer bulbs over the life of the sign. 

4. And Energy Resilient

Energy resiliency is another important aspect of these types of signs. If you want to know how so, just look at how brownouts and surges fail to affect the operational capacity of a lighted sign.

They go right on burning because electricians set up this signage with their own onboard systems to ensure continuous use. That’s independent of the electric companies. This makes lighted signs among the most energy resilient advertising mechanisms there are.

5. They Are Flexible

Lighted signs are among the best signs for businesses because they offer flexible messaging. This particularly is true when using LED video screens (aka electronic billboards) to convey the said message.

In interactive displays, for example, everything is done electronically. It runs from a computer program that can be changed out with regularity. If there are any typos or mistakes, it’s a lot simpler to go in and make the necessary corrections to limit any embarrassment or negative press.

Traditional billboards, even those of the lighted variety, do not offer this same freedom. It’s something to consider if you’re worried about cost.

6. They Offer Multiple Design Opportunities

It’s a lot easier to design your content when working with lighted signs of the electronic billboard variety. You have a lusher color pallette to operate from, the alignment is easier to get right, and letters and numbers are more prominent. 

Best of all, many design programs offer effective templates that you can use to easily switch out messaging and feed it into the electronic billboard systems. This opens up a world of possibility and freedom with design, and it also controls the content creation costs and time.

7. They Are Affordable

Lighted LED signs are often more affordable than traditional billboards because you can control the elements that influence pricing the most. You’re not out any expense for hard materials. You create everything via a computer.

Furthermore, these signs are becoming in more demand by the second. That’s increasing the competition for your business. Of course, location is everything so don’t buy the cheapest ad placement.

Often it’s worth the extra money to ensure your message is seen by the right number and types of people. Always seek relevancy.

8. They Bring Prestige To The Message

Using lighted signs just looks more professional than not doing so. This professionalism lends your company a sense of prestige. Prestige might not immediately convince someone to buy, but it will get your branding in their head for when they need your product or service.

Help sell the prestige factor by using the right language for the audience. Also, include striking imagery that people will remember. Lastly, ensure that your company name and contact information is the most prominent detail. 

You have to approach your lighted sign campaign with the idea that people have a limited window to draw the most important points. Make it easy for them.

9. They Offer Better Data Tracking

The technology now exists to track how effective your lighted signs are. It’s very simple to attach a promotional code to your content. Make it exclusive to that signage, and any uses of that code will give you a sense of how effective its placement is.

Early billboards didn’t allow that flexibility. The systems for capturing whether the signage was effective did not exist. Today, you can know as soon as a transaction occurs.

10. They Make It Easier To Connect

Lighted signs give you the added incentive of steering the people who see the signage to other communication channels. See, it’s very hard to interact with a billboard you’re passing at 55 miles per hour or faster. 

On the other hand, a motorist who sees an icon for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or social media channel of your choosing can go home and get more information. Lighted signs make it easy to show all the ways you’re available, and people will take advantage of that!

Lighted Signs Give You Better Control Over Your Campaign

Incorporating lighted signs into a marketing campaign gives you better control over the impressions you’re getting. It allows you to track how people are seeing you and how effective your messaging is in a way standard billboards never could.

Best of luck as you consider starting your campaign. If you’re ready to see what they can do for you, contact us today for quotes.